There is a slogan that is so commonly heard of among the soccer fans of Manchester United football club, which states that ‘Big is Big’. However, just like the fans of Man U football club, the students’ community of the University of Kisubi whose acronym is UniK, have it currently that UniK is always “Unique”. For one to prove this he/she has to come and co-exist within the University community and you will see this living within the walls of the Campus.
Getting back to my point having known the fact that UniK is “Unique”, the students life is spiced with the different beliefs, customs and in general the Uniqueness of our University of Kisubi. Our students have an intrinsic value for their University in everything they do. There is great love and dedication to sports activities like football, volleyball, Netball among others. However, I would like to take a look at Cultural Diversity not only in the view of tribal setting but also in the Religious perspective, and the University’s general way of life.
Apart from us having students from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Nigeria, Zambia, and many more to mention but a few, within these we have different cultures and tribes; but the most interesting part of all is that we live in Fraternal love and care for one another regardless of our Backgrounds. This brings us out of the ‘Crowd’ and sets us on a Hill Top alone as a Unique University. Despite being a University based and founded on the Catholic faith by the Brothers of Christian Instructions, we live in a multi-cultural society. We have Muslims, Protestants, Pentecostals and of course the majority being the Catholics. We have the largest number of Religious Men and Women from different walks of life and Congregations. As you may know, having many Religious men and women in our University brings out another strong aspect of “Holistic” living seen through our Personal, Social, Spiritual and Moral values. Above all, behavioral values! As a community, Holy Mass is part of our daily routine and so has become our culture. The religious Men and Women in our community are being seen as witnesses of Christian Fraternity thus our Uniqueness as a University community.
I am tempted to think that if there is one who can exhaust the Cultural Diversity of Unik, then you can be able to exhaust Mystery of the Holy Trinity (the three in one most difficult calculation). Every day is a new day that comes with Uniqueness about UniK. I take this chance to thank the Lord Almighty for the wonderful inspiration of starting up this University and to the Brothers of Christian Instructions for conceiving and giving birth to this Unique University.
As a leader I refer to UniK as a leadership training center where with confidence one stands up from the crowd and says “yes I can” and is ready to offer a selfless service in good faith. This has made our students live responsibly when out there in the fields because they are equipped with leadership skills of dealing with people of different interests and above all, they are critical thinkers.
Lastly I profoundly extend my heartfelt thanks to the Vice Chancellor Prof John Ssebuufu and his team for the work well done and for the good co-operation with the students’ Guild. To all you friends, well wishers, brothers and sisters, all our students of UniK; thank you so much.
Please let us Conserve and Preserve the Uniqueness of UniK.
Long live University of Kisubi, For God and My Country.
Guild President (2015/2016)