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1. Nobody is allowed to use mobile phones in the library.
2. Bags and other bulky user property should be kept with the designated person at the library entrance.
3. Silence is Golden, therefore, it should be respected while in the library.
4. The library is open to the public but at a FEE, but borrowing of library materials is restricted to members only.
5. Keep the library clean by dropping rubbish in the provided waste-paper baskets.
6. The REFERENCE BOOKS (e.g. Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Year Books, World Books, Almanacs, etc), CD-ROMs, Dissertations, Newspapers and RESERVED BOOKS are not lent out. They are only used within the library.
7. Every Library user should only borrow library materials with his/her LIBRARY BORROWING CARDS and abide by the loan period given to him/her otherwise, he/she is penalised for defaulting.
8. When borrowers return library property, they should make sure that their accounts are settled.
9. Library users should not shelve books; instead, they should leave them on reading tables after use.
10. No student or library user should make connections / disconnections of computers without the permission of the library authority.
11. The library authority is not accountable for personal property carelessly left unattended to in the library.
12. Any library user who damages or loses library property will be requested to replace it.
13. Every student should return all library property before the closure of each Semester.
14. Students completing their courses should clear with the library before graduation.


1. Libhub
İt is a One Stop Centre where one searches all the databases the library subscribes to. Libhub provides a single search interface for searching all the databases, including; INASP resources, Research4life and the Open Access Resources)