Faculty of Human and Social Sciences

HASS (For Professionalism and Integrity)

“An arena where Research pupates, Relationships are nurtured, Productivity of research is directed close to cutting edge, Perspectives are recognized, Hard work is acknowledged and Science is venerated”

Mission of the Faculty

The faculty of Human and Social Sciences seeks to develop morally responsible individuals who combine career competence with cultural awareness and intellectual curiosity.  The faculty is dedicated to the training, education, and professional development of general practitioner-scholars who will make ethical, professional, and creative contributions to their communities and the professional disciplines of human and social sciences.  The faculty strives toward leadership in emphasizing a practitioner-scholar focus with lifelong learners.  Teaching, scholarship, practice, and service are responsive to diverse perspectives, a blend of practical and reflective inquiry, and social needs.

Vision of the Faculty

We seek to develop morally responsible practical scholars who combine clinical competence with social cultural awareness, not only to meet the needs of individual clients but also, in the spirit of community service, to advance the common good.

Core Values

    • Intellectual curiosity and flexibility
    • Open-mindedness
    • Belief in the capacity for change
    • Appreciation of individual and cultural diversity
    • Interest, courage and compassion in providing human services
    • Personal integrity and honesty
    • Capacity of developing interpersonal skills including empathy, respect for others, and personal relatedness
    • Self-awareness

Courses Offered

  1. Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  2. Bachelor of Community Development and Public Administration (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  3. Bachelor of Social Work and Management (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  4. Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Counseling Psychology (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  5. Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitative Psychology (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Human and Religious Studies (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  7. Bachelor of Art, Fashion and Design (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  8. Bachelor of Public Relations and Mass Communication (Full-time and Weekend) 3yrs
  9. Bachelor of Science in Public Health (Full-time) 3yrs
  10. Bachelor of Bio- medical Laboratory Technology (Full-time)
  11. Diploma of Science in counseling psychology (Full-time and Weekend) 2yrs
  12. Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration (Full-time and Weekend) 2yrs
  13. Diploma of Science in Counseling (Full-time and Weekend)
  14. Diploma in Public Health (Full-time)
  15. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (Full-time)
  16. Certificate in Counseling (Full-time) 1yr
  17. Certificate in Social Work and Social Administration (Full-time and Weekend) 1yr
  18. Certificate in Music (Full-time and Weekend) 1yr
  19. Certificate in Art Fashion and Design (Full-time and Weekend) 1yr
  20. Advanced Certificate in Food Production, Beverages and Sales
  21. Advanced Certificate in Food Production
  22. Advanced Certificate in Housekeeping and Laundry Operation
  23. Basic Certificate in Hotel Operation

For More Information Contact the Dean Faculty of Human and Social Sciences
Dr. Evarist G. Ankwasiize (AJ) Psy. D
Dean Faculty of Human & Social Sciences
PO BOX 182, Entebbe Uganda
Tel: +256774442692 / +256702949557
Email: eankwasiize@unik.ac.ug
Website: www.unik.ac.ug