The Brothers of Christian Instruction had a dream and provided a mission for the University of Kisubi: “Providing a holistic education for life-long learning that enhances skills and one that forms faith-directed leaders capable of being transformative agents of society”. The call to all of us working at the University is to work together for the accomplishment of this mission in order to make a difference that many people see lacking in other Higher Academic Institutions. From the University of Kisubi’s vision, Kisubi is aspiring to be a leading Higher Institution of learning that prepares competent and confident professionals, persons of integrity; who can think critically, creatively and imaginatively, act responsibly, and above all people empowered by Gospel values to uphold human dignity.
Kisubi Brothers University has had several graduation ceremonies for a decade. However, it is not the number of graduation ceremonies and the number of graduates Higher Institutions have had that matter, but rather, how the graduates from these institutions are translating what they have studied into improving their own quality of life and that of their communities where they live. Let us work together as teachers and students to make sure that the knowledge we exchange in the University of Kisubi is of most worth in the global and digital economy. This will enable our graduates to navigate comfortably through the society with confidence and hope that they will have something extra to offer to get an income, one that enables them to sustain themselves and to assist other people in their localities. As Mark Twain says, we should never let our schooling interfere with our education
The academic staff and students at the University of Kisubi should recall the words of Albert Einstein “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” I call upon both students and staff at University of Kisubi to make every minute at the University and after the university, a precious opportunity to give one’s best to do things that will improve their quality of life and that of others.
(Jean Marie Robert de La Mannais- Founder of the Brothers of Christian Instruction)

Faculty Programs
BSCED Bachelor of Science with Education (Full Time & In-service) 3yrs
BAED Bachelor of Arts with Education (Full Time & In-service) 3 yrs
BEP Bachelor of Education (primary) (Full Time) 3yrs
DPE Diploma in Primary Education(Full Time) 2yrs
CKIS Certificate in Kiswahili (Weekend and Evening) 1yr
CEP Certificate in English Proficiency (Weekend and Evening) 1yr

Contact Dean Faculty of Education
Elizabeth Nakayiza, RSCJ (PH.D.).
Mob: +256782520387
Email: enakayizarscj@gmail.com