The faculty of education is committed to ensure that the University of Kisubi (Unik) offers holistic and interdisciplinary approach to education, hinged on responsible academic freedom and learner-centered hands-on education practices with the aim of responding to the emerging needs of skilled workers in Uganda. The faculty attaches great importance to the integral nature and development of the human person, who empowered through holistic education, strives to achieve self-realization and the improvement of the human condition through research and innovation. Propelled by the University core values of professionalism, responsibility, compassion, honesty, excellence, freedom, service and integrity, students seek to attain the true freedom that forges bonds of unity and togetherness, of care and of concern for one another and ecosystem in pursuit of all that ennobles humanity in the fast-paced future and technology driven life.

The vision of the faculty is to ensure value-driven education that creates a difference. The faculty is committed to its mission of preparing professional teachers who embrace personal integrity, self-reliance, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills and social transformation. The faculty also recognizes the need of teachers already in field continuously updating their skills, knowledge, professions and best practices in education. It offers programs rich in techno-based innovations and better education practices as a means of retooling and preparing teachers in Uganda for sustainable development. The faculty helps teachers in training and those already in field develop the ability of re-imagining schools and schooling in a way that pays attention to current technologies in the emerging future assisting them and their learners to receive effective education that meets 21st century needs.

Programs offered:

The Faculty of Education provides regular and holiday academic programs for primary and secondary school teachers.

Masters of Arts in Education Leadership and Management (Weekend and Holiday)2yrs
Bachelor of Science with Education (Secondary) (Full Time & In-service) 3yrs
Bachelor of Arts with Education (Secondary) (Full Time & In-service) 3 yrs
Bachelor of Education (primary) (Full Time) 3yrs
Diploma in Primary Education(Full Time) 2yrs
Certificate in Kiswahili (Weekend and Evening) 1yr
Certificate in English Proficiency (Weekend and Evening) 1yr
Bachelor of Inclusive Education for diverse learners(Primary) —Proposed to start August 2018—

List of Staff


Contact Dean Faculty of Education
Elizabeth Nakayiza, RSCJ (PH.D.).
Mob: +256782520387
Email: enakayizarscj@gmail.com