VISION: To be a leading faculty of Business and ICT that prepares competent professionals, persons of integrity who think critically and analytically, and are empowered by gospel values to uphold human dignity.

MISSION: To provide a Holistic business, management and ICT training for lifelong learning that enhances skills- oriented, faith-based leaders capable of being transformative agents of society

Motto: For Holistic training in Business, Management and ICT.

Core Values: Time management, Respect, Integrity, Openness.


Graduate Programs
1.Master of Business Administration(MBA)
2.Master in Information Technology (MIT)

Undergraduate Programs
1.Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (BBAM)
2.Bachelor of Business Studies with Education (BBSE)
3.Bachelor of Development and Management Studies (BDMS)
4.Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

Diploma Programs
1.Diploma in Business Management (DBM)
2.Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

Professional Courses
We offer training to those who wish to pursue professional courses in ACCA, CPA and ATC. We also offer tailored business and ICT related short courses on request.

New Programs for the year 2016/17
1.Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
2.Bachelor of Arts in Economics
3.Bachelor of Agribusiness Management

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Dr. James Kizza
Dean, FBIT.