UniK hosted the Research and Education Network for Uganda (RENU) workshop for systems Engineers from 24th to 28th July. The training attracted
participants from USA, Ethiopia and Uganda.

The University also benefited from the RENU. One of the benefits was Direct
Engineering Assistance (DEA) activities; which included receiving a number
of network equipment and training our staff. Our ICT technicians were given
skills about how to handle the new equipment

As part of the RENU capacity building program, RENU gets one of the
participants (technicians) from the latest DEA recipient institution to
join the facilitator’s team for the next DEA.

Owing to his outstanding and active participation during the DEA workshop
that took place at UniK, our very own *HENRY NDAWULA*, one of the Lab
Technicians has been nominated by RENU to facilitate the next DEA which
will take place at *the Joint Clinical Research Center (JCRC)* from *23rd –
26th October* 2017.
This exercise will help him improve his skills and also join a pool of
* competent system Engineers*

We congratulate Henry and wish him well in the exercise and we pray that once he comes back he will share
with us the experience.