About us

University of Kisubi (UniK) is a private University to owned by the Registered Trustees of the Uganda Brothers of Christian Instruction. Its forerunner, KBUC, was founded on 15thAugust 2004 when the Brothers signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Uganda Martyrs University to establish Kisubi Brothers Centre of Uganda Martyrs University (KBUMU). On 27th March 2009, the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) granted KBUMU a constituent college and became Kisubi Brothers University College(KBUC), a Constituent College of Uganda Martyrs University. KBUC is metamorphosed into University Kisubi (UniK) upon being granted the Letter of Interim Authority, on 6th October 2014, by the NCHE.

UniK is a private university rooted in the Catholic ethos but remain open to all those who qualify for its programs. It is located 24 km from Kampala along Kampala – Entebbe Highway.
Blessed with a conducive learning and teaching environment, UniK is committed to remaining a hallmark and a nichefor quality education provider in Uganda and thus seeks to enforce its vision, mission, core values and key result areas through a five-year strategic plan to serve as a path of continued growth and development.

To be a University that prepares individuals to become pragmatic professionals of integrity, capable of thinking critically and analytically.
To provide holistic, skills-oriented and faith-based education for life-long learning that empowers the learners to become transformative leaders.
The University College attaches great importance to the integral nature and development of the human person. We strive to empower its graduates to be capable of achieving self-realisation and to improve the human condition through holistic education and innovation holding on and imparting all such values, acts and knowledge that ennoble the human person.

UniK has agreed on a set of core values to be practiced by all staff as part of the enhancement process. All stakeholders, internal or external, are expected to internalize these values and demonstrate behavior that is in conformity and also hold each other accountable. UniK is committed to the following core values of Professionalism, Responsibility, Integrity, Compassion, Honesty, Excellence, Freedom and Service summarized as “(PRICHEFS)
1.5 AIMS
The aims of the proposed University are to:
i. Be a co-educational Christian institution inspired by gospel values
ii. Produce competent professionals of integrity, who can think critically, analytically and pragmatically.
iii. Provide holistic education that enhances skills-oriented professionals capable of being transformative agents of society.
iv. Promote scientific research for technological innovation and community service in order to improve the living conditions of individuals and communities in Uganda and beyond.
v. Produce graduates with entrepreneurial skills for job creation and self-employment for national development.

UniK shall seek to achieve the following objectives:
i. Develop and implement a curriculum that shall instil human and Christian virtues in the students.
ii. Provide crosscutting courses that shall equip all students with analytical, critical and problem-solving skills.
iii. Adopt teaching methodologies that enhance hands-on learning experiences among the students in their relevant fields of study and thus making them relevant to society.
iv. Undertake basic and applied research by staff and students that addresses national, regional as well as global priorities and challenges, the findings of which shall be publishable in peer reviewed journals and other recognised publication avenues.
v. Contribute to the advancement of society through action research and services offered to solve local community problems through the outreach programmes.
vi. Equip students with entrepreneurial knowledge, attitudes and skills to help them develop business acumen that shall enable them become wealth and job creators for employment of self and others.

The University has a management team composed of both Academic and Administrative staff. The main activities of academic staff are teaching, research and publishing. Administrative staff’s main objective is to promote and coordinate activities of the University by providing administrative and technical support to the University Council, Executive Committee and all organs of UniK.